Sales Development Representative 

Marcel De Jong


Plaats: Leiden
Werkgever: Semiotic Labs
Inlichtingen bij: Marcel De Jong


Do you want to kick-start your career at one of the most promising tech companies in The Netherlands? Are you looking for a commercial role in a dynamic, high-growth environment? The vacant Sales Development Representative position at Semiotic Labs will suit you well!

Semiotic Labs

Former Start-up of the year finalist Semiotic Labs is now a fast-growing scale-up based in Leiden. We serve a broad range of industries with SAM4, a predictive maintenance solution that leverages machine learning algorithms and IoT-sensors to detect upcoming failures of critical assets up to months in advance. Clients such as Vopak, Schiphol, Nouryon, and ArcelorMittal use SAM4 to prevent unplanned downtime, prioritise maintenance tasks and reduce energy waste.

Sales Development Representative position

To help accelerate our growth, we are looking for a Sales Development Representative (SDR) to work at the heart of our commercial team. You will get the opportunity to work closely together with our online marketing team, the senior business development managers and the sales operations team.

This position is a great landing spot for a fresh professional looking to grow further within the organization in a short amount of time. You will quickly gain a strong understanding of our product and organization. As we expand quickly, the position will involve a lot of responsibility and offers a great deal of room for professional growth. This journey will not be a solo climb, as you will be coached by our Head of Sales Operations, Tim van Leeuwen.

Just a regular day

You walk into the Leiden office on Friday only by lunch, as you’ve been on the road with one of the Business Development Managers in the morning. You were present at a large trade show, where you engaged in a couple of interesting conversations with potential customers.

The plan for the afternoon is clear. Multiple leads came in through the website and they are awaiting your approval before they land at the relevant Business Development Manager’s desk. You enjoy speaking to these potential customers that have already expressed their interest in our innovative solution. After a round of calls, you find out that two new live demos need to be scheduled. You immediately coordinate and plan meetings for next week.

There’s two more things that you’d like to work on, but there’s only one hour left in the day. You walk up to your supervisor Tim (Head of Sales Operations) and quickly check what’s most urgent. You both agree that it makes sense to schedule a webinar for next month and knock out the first bunch of invites. A moment later you’ve got it all done, so it’s time for some office music and a couple of beers!



The Sales Development Representative role

In the role of SDR your primary task will be to create as many Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) as possible. This means you will play a key role in the coordination between our marketing department on the one hand and the business development managers on the other hand.

The marketing department will provide you with inbound leads they deem relevant and it’s your responsibility to qualify these potential customers by reaching out to them. If they receive your stamp of approval, you present them to the relevant Business Development Manager. In addition, you will also be actively hunting for other entry points for targets you believe could be interested in our solution.

However, given we are a high-growth company, there will be plenty of other tasks where your support is more than welcome. You will for example help to continuously improve the sales cycle (e.g. by ensuring high-quality data input), support the Business Development Managers to successfully execute new deals, perform target prospecting activities, prepare trade shows and participate in them throughout Europe together with the sales team.


  •             Fluent in Dutch and English
  •               Strong interest in a commercial role at a high-growth tech scale-up
  •               HBO+ degree in a relevant field, e.g. Marketing, Business, Engineering
  •               Proactive and hands-on attitude, eager to learn
  •               Demonstrable affiliation with our business 

The quick summary

You will love this job if you:

  •               Want to kick-start your professional career in a commercial role
  •               Seek strong learning opportunities, as you will be exposed to a broad set of activities
  •               Like the sound of a dynamic high-growth environment

And probably not if you:

  •             Have little affiliation with tech nor engineering
  •              Hate going abroad for work
  •               Don’t care about free lunch and Friday afternoon beers



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