Technical Writer

Marcel De Jong


Plaats: Leiden
Werkgever: Semiotic Labs
Inlichtingen bij: Marcel De Jong


To help accelerate our growth, we are looking for a Technical Content Specialist to work at the heart of our Sales Marketing team. The Technical Content Specialist will be in charge of the majority of our technical publications. In this role, you will work closely together with both our Business Development and Marketing teams.

This is a great opportunity for an experienced technical writer who gets excited by the challenge of explaining the benefits of our innovative solution to the current industry. As we expand quickly, the position will involve a lot of responsibility, flexibility and offers a great deal of room for professional growth. 

A regular day in the office

You enter the office in Leiden and brew yourself a morning cappuccino. This Friday morning you are partnering up with one of Semiotic Labs’ affiliated PhDs to discuss the approach to a new white paper you are working on. Given the PhD is an expert in the field, you wanted to be sure to have his input before nailing down the table of contents.

After that, you check the performance of one of your latest blog posts on the website and discuss the result with a Senior Marketeer. This blog post specifically addressed Innovation Managers looking to implement IoT solutions in the industry. It appears that the publication has generated a couple of promising leads and therefore you decide together with your colleague that it makes sense to go live with a similar publication next week on LinkedIn.

With only two hours left in the day you check in with one of the founders of Semiotic Labs. One of the company’s customers indicated that they would like to record a video in which they advocate the specific use case for their plants, which is of high marketing value to us. A little later you’ve got the script all done, so it’s time for some office music and a couple of beers to celebrate another successful week!

The Technical Content Specialist Role

At Semiotic Labs, a crucial part of our customer acquisition strategy is being able to provide all our leads and end-customers with tailored content. Given we have a truly innovative solution in a somewhat traditional market, it is crucial for us to have a lot of personalized high-quality content at hand. The Technical Content Specialist is responsible for delivering this important building block.

Key part of the role is therefore explaining the benefits and application of our solution and technology in a way that’s both engaging and easy to digest. Therefore, the Technical Content Specialist has experience with topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Condition Monitoring and/or Predictive Maintenance. In addition, we will present to the market our technical and educational white papers in order to generate more valuable leads.

However, given we are a high-growth company, there will be plenty of other tasks where your support is more than welcome. Other activities include contributing top funnel content to the Semiotic Labs blog, creating trade magazine publications and developing other basic content, such as user and research reports.

Summary responsibilities

  • Help to explain the benefits and applications of our technology in a simple and engaging way
  • Help to explain how our solution compares to others in the market
  • Write technical and educational white papers to be used for lead gen purposes
  • Contribute top funnel content to the Semiotic Labs blog
  • Contribute to trade magazines to help get the word out about our core product SAM4 and Motor Current Signature Analysis (MCSA) based solutions
  • Help creating other basic content, such as user and research reports


  • Fluent in English
  • Demonstrable experience in technical writing
  • Demonstrable experience in maintenance, IoT or other relevant fields
  • MSc or BSc in Engineering or other proof of strong technical understanding
  • Proactive and hands-on attitude, eager to learn
  • A clear interest in our solution

Do you want to boost your career at one of the most promising tech companies in The Netherlands? Do you have experience in writing educational technical content? The vacant Technical Content Specialist position at Semiotic Labs will suit you well!

Semiotic Labs

Former Start-up of the year finalist Semiotic Labs is now a fast-growing scale-up based in Leiden. We serve a broad range of industries with SAM4, a predictive maintenance solution that leverages machine learning algorithms and IoT-sensors to detect upcoming failures of critical assets up to months in advance. Clients such as Vopak, Schiphol, Nouryon, and ArcelorMittal use SAM4 to prevent unplanned downtime, prioritise maintenance tasks and reduce energy waste.



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