Java Software Engineer

Marcel De Jong


Plaats: Amsterdam
Werkgever: Patchmanager
Inlichtingen bij: Marcel De Jong


You want to be a ‘Swiss watch’ quality developer? Use new technology for a reason, not for the sake of coolness? You don’t want pointless meetings, e-mails, deadlines and non-technical bosses giving pointless assignments? Become your best self at Patchmanager.

Job specs:

As a Java Software Engineer your job is to develop and innovate the enterprise class Java-based application and work on software enhancement for global deployment. In close cooperation with the support and consultancy team, you will also design and integrate solutions for customers (mainly remote). Although your core job will be the development of software, you will gain first hand experience in all aspects of the business, and your work will contribute directly to the success of the company.


We are looking for graduates from technical universities. Some knowledge of Java is a requirement, but more importantly, we are looking for problem solvers with good analytical skills and a capacity for learning new skills quickly. Experienced engineers are welcome to apply as well. Candidates will be flexible workers with a positive attitude and excellent communication skills in English. Delivering high quality code is your drive.


We are offering a fulltime and multidimensional job with great responsibility. Being involved in the end-to-end development process with a broad range of Java technologies; you deliver a direct contribution to the success of the company. It is an exciting time to be involved.

Don’t just take our word for the lines above! Here is a quote from one of the senior developers recruited via HEBBES Personeel as a graduate: ‘As a member of a small development team I get the chance to be involved with and learn about most aspects of commercial software development. In the last few years I have witnessed an impressive growth in our customer base, including many large national and multi-national companies. It gives me great pride to know that something I helped create is being used and appreciated all over the world’.


Operating for over a decade, Patchmanager B.V. is a small sized software company currently experiencing rapid (world wide) growth in demand for their high quality product, a Java-based application for Cable and Asset Management. Their customer base contains a group of internationally well-known clients, which cannot all be mentioned unfortunately. (You would be impressed).

Patchmanager operates with a flexible, customer-focused culture and takes pride in exceeding customer expectations with their product, the support they provide and the services they offer. HQ is in Amsterdam with sales partners all over the globe.

Getting enthusiastic about the vacancy Java Software Engineer at Patchmanager in Amsterdam? Apply directly by filling in the application form at the right of your screen. Please contact Marcel de Jong at phone number +31 20 612 00 81 if you have any questions regarding this vacancy.



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