Senior Fullstack Developer

Marcel De Jong


Plaats: Amsterdam
Werkgever: EDIA
Inlichtingen bij: Marcel De Jong


Work on sustainable e-learning and e-health applications in a team centered SCRUM based environment in a historic mansion (with garden) in the city centre of Amsterdam.

As a Senior Fullstack Developer you are involved in a project from inception to completion. Besides development you are busy devising solutions, choosing the right technology, to demonstrating your work to the client. Naturally, as inquisitive developer you are open to sharing knowledge with the entire team.

As Senior Fullstack Developer you will work in a SCRUM team of four developers, a tester and a product owner. EDIA works team centered with up to three projects per sprint. One of the possible projects is the continuous development of/on a learning management system, including LTI tools, with over a 100K active users a year. Or you will be working on new functionalities for a healthcare platform, including an innovatie treatment management system.

Knowledge of Java is a must, knowledge of libraries such as Spring and Hibernate is very desirable. Same counts for JavaScript where the framework of choice is React. EDIA stores data with relational databases such as MySQL and NoSQL-based databases such as MongoDB. You will also be working with the graph-based database Neo4j.

As a Senior Fullstack Developer the most important part is that you should be able to quickly learn and discover new things. There is enough challenge for both novice and experienced developers. Lunch Table Dutch is required!

EDIA offers an above market-rate salary and great secondary benefits such as an excellent retirement plan and a training budget. They are located in a beautiful historic building with a large garden in the center of Amsterdam.

At EDIA there is a relaxed and personal atmosphere. Relaxation and sociability among us are found to be just as important as hard work. Every day there is a substantial lunch in the cozy basement. Coffee is good. During summer, the barbecue is lit regularly and we are not short of drinking a beer or a glass of wine.

About EDIA
EDIA is a specialist in educational technology. From a long-term relationship with clients they devise and develop solutions for e-health and e-learning. Solutions used by (higher) educational institutions, publishers, government, mental healthcare and other organizations in which education, (re)training or training plays a role.

At EDIA 20 motivated professionals (majority developer) work with a taste for elegant and effective solutions. As a strong proponent of (open) standards and open source software, many products and services are based on these principles. EDIA is a learning organization, continuously developing in the field of (technical) expertise to be able to keep up with trends and innovations in their field.

Getting enthusiastic about the vacancy Senior Fullstack Developer at EDIA in Amsterdam? Apply directly by filling in the application form at the right of your screen. Please contact Marcel de Jong at phone number +31 20 612 00 81 if you have any questions regarding this vacancy.



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